Transition to Retirement

It is common to aggressively explore opportunities to boost superannuation in the years approaching retirement. There are some great tax-effective ways to boost your super contributions and even draw on your super while still working above the age of 60. 

We can assist with:

  • Early access to superannuation 

  • Tax-free superannuation pension payments 

  • Salary sacrifice – top ups

  • Reducing personal income tax 

  • Spouse contributions

  • Future Centrelink considerations 

  • Capital protection investment strategies

  • Cash flow needs in the lead up to retirement

  • Retirement projections 

Transition to Retirement Pricing

Our Transition to Retirement advice package is typically charged as a percentage of the size of your retirement account. This percentage ranges between 0.55% per annum and 0.99% per annum. 

We can put these arrangements in place using most super fund providers (including Super SA). These percentages can vary within and sometimes outside these ranges, depending on your circumstances. Our objective is to always to add value over and above our fees. 

We can charge a flat dollar fee for our Transition to Retirement advice package or an hourly rate whichever you prefer or is more appropriate. 

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