Centrelink Advice

Centrelink is a frequent source of angst and uncertainty. We find this concern is
often due to mistaken beliefs about how the system works.

We have a very good understanding of how the Centrelink system operates and
the benefits that are available through it. We can advise you of which entitlements
might apply whatever your circumstances.

We can provide an overview of how the age pension and other Centrelink entitlements
are assessed and consider future entitlements that might apply. We will
help you with any or all of your Centrelink dealings. This can be done online, by
letter or face-to-face at a Centrelink office and includes age pension applications
and other forms required from time to time.

we can assist with:

  • Age pension eligibility 

  • All other Centrelink payments 

  • Impact of spouse age gaps 

  • Assessing the consequences of financial changes or decisions

  • Gifting rules 

  • Completing either online or paper-based applications 

  • Keeping Centrelink informed of changes as needed 

  • Attendance to Centrelink where appropriate 

  • Future assessment calculations for consideration in retirement timing. 

Centrelink Pricing

Money Options most often provides your Centrelink advice in conjunction with other service packages. Where Centrelink advice is provided exclusively it will be done via a direct fixed quote. 

Estimates on this range from $150 to $500 depending on the time required for our assistance in this area. 

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