costs and fees

Our initial meeting is generally free. After, or at the first meeting, we will discuss the fees and charges that may be applicable to you.

Money Options Pty Ltd does not rely on commission-type revenues and will base our advice on what is in your best interest.

Due to the varying nature of individual client cases, our fee for SoA plan preparation, implementation and our ongoing management service process will be disclosed on an individual basis in writing to you and may include the following:

Initial Advice Fees

This initial advice fee is based on a written investment proposal (Statement of Advice – SoA) in which the cost will be based on the time required to research and prepare for your individual needs.  This fee generally ranges from $800 to $2,000 (plus GST) as a guide.

Ongoing & Review Fees

The cost of us providing a financial service to you will depend on the nature and complexity of the advice, financial product and/or service provided to you.  Generally, whenever we provide a recommendation for a financial product or service, we charge an annual ongoing or fixed fee, or an ongoing fee for insurance, or possibly a combination of all.  This is something agreed with you.

Details of the ranges and amounts of remuneration are set out below. Amounts are inclusive of GST.

Type of Remuneration

Adviser Service Fee*
Initial: 0% to 1.1%
Ongoing: 0% – 1.1% p.a.

SOA Preparation Fee
Initial: $0 to $2,000 (+ GST)
Ongoing: N/A

Contribution Fee*
Initial: 0%
Ongoing: 0%

Hourly Rate
Initial: $200.00 (+ GST)
Ongoing: $200.00 (+ GST)

Insurance Commission^
Initial: 0% to 66%
Ongoing: 0% to 30%

*based on a % of funds invested
^based on a % of the premium

Prior to preparing any advice or providing financial services to you, we will discuss and agree upon all fees that will apply. This will include written disclosure of any fees or other payments made by you or received by Money Options.

What other commissions, fees and other benefits are paid to Money Options?
You have a right to request for further information in relation to fees, and payments received by Money Options or any soft dollar benefits received by us.

Money Options Pty Ltd and its representatives are prohibited from receiving gifts or inducements over $300. In the event we do receive non-cash benefits with a cash value less than $300, the details of any benefits between $100 and $300 will be maintained on a register. These benefits are rare and will not be received from a product provider on a regular basis.

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