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A financial adviser’s primary role is to assist, protect, implement, manage and review a client’s wealth. This is achieved by gathering the client’s personal information and objectives, analysing it, developing solutions and then presenting the clients with the recommendations.

The adviser is required to obtain what seems like an enormous amount of information from the client initially by filling in a Personal Profile (data collection form).  This is used to collate all necessary information to allow the adviser to make a recommendation and then once the client is happy to proceed the adviser can begin implementing the recommended strategy, product and plan.  

It is then the adviser’s role to review the client’s portfolio / situation at least annually ensuring that any changes to the client’s risk profile, goals or life situation are taken into consideration.

services we can provide:


At Money Options we understand superannuation and can assist our clients with strategies on how to grow their superannuation and plan ahead, no matter what stage of their working career, whether it be starting out, during, transition to retirement or already in retirement stage. We can assist with many different products/funds and strategies including:

  • Retail Super Funds, Corporate Super Funds, Industry Super Funds
  • Other Superannuation Platforms (Wraps, etc.)

Personal Insurance

Most people don’t think twice about insuring their house, contents and cars, but quite often forget about their most important insurance – your own personal insurance.

At Money Options we offer advice and support in ensuring the needs of our client’s are met, when it comes to their income stability and supporting their family should something unforeseen happen. Personal risk insurance is an important aspect of financial planning, including:

  • Life Insurance (Death)
  • Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD)
  • Critical Illness Insurance (Trauma)
  • Income Protection Insurance

Investment Advice and Wealth Creation

Good investment advice can make a big difference in helping create wealth for a client.  Our financial advisers use their research, training, product and company knowledge in helping their clients meet their goals, objectives and needs in investing.  An adviser needs to collect a client’s information relating to their assets, liabilities, expenses, income, goals and objectives to then work out the most appropriate investment strategy, based on their risk profile and personal financial situation.  The adviser will tailor a recommendation for the client to best suit their individual needs, goals and risk profile.  This could range from managed funds, direct shares, term deposits, annuities, margin lending and more.

Estate Planning

At Money Options we can assist with helping the family working through an estate planning situation.  We have a working relationship with a Lawyers office nearby who can assist with drawing up wills, powers of attorney and guardianship documents, and is a specialist in Estate Planning.

Worker’s Compensation Payouts

Unfortunately, sometimes people find themselves in a situation on the receiving end of a Worker’s Compensation Payout and it is a requirement that when they are offered a lump sum payout that they need to receive both legal and financial advice before they can accept the payment. We are able to provide the financial advice in relation to Worker’s Compensation payouts to provide this advice. We also have a referral relationship with a lawyers office who we can refer you to for the legal advice in relation to a Workers Compensation Payout.

Centrelink Assistance

It’s not easy to understand the ins and outs of Government entitlements when it comes to Age Pensions, Disability Pensions, Service Pensions and Seniors Health Care Cards. We aim to research and understand the information so that we can help, assist and guide you when it comes to dealing with Centrelink (or DVA), acting as an intermediary. It can be very daunting when setting up, knowing what information you need to keep them informed with, maximising your benefits, or just generally corresponding to Centrelink. Depending on our involvement or extent of help in this area, we may charge a fee for our time assisting with Centrelink, but will disclose this fee to you should this be the case.

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