Investing and Savings Plans

Investing can be confusing. It’s not easy to identify what investments may be suitable for your needs. More and more people are recognising the importance of investing to take advantage of low interest rates on their bank savings. One of the first points for you to understand is that not all investments carry the same risk. Secondly, there are investment options that can be appropriate for a broad range of investors.

we can assist with:

  • Ensuring you have an understanding of what investment options exist including: 

    • Managed fund investments 

    • Index funds

    • Insurance bonds

    • Cash accounts 

    • Term deposits 

  • Different investment structures 

  • Low risk investments strategies 

  • Growth investment strategies 

  • Absolute return investment strategies

  • Tax-effective investment strategies 

  • Ongoing review of the performance of your investments 

  • The assessment of income and capital gains tax implications 

  • Closely working with your tax advisor where appropriate 

  • Investment plans that can help to maximise the potential return of your portfolio over time.

  • Savings strategies suitable for children to fund future costs or education needs. 

Investing and Savings plan pricing

Our Investing and Savings Plans advice package is most often range between 0.55% per annum and 0.99% per annum. There may be some variances outside this range depending on your circumstances and products chosen. Our objective is always to add value over and above our fees.

We can charge a flat dollar fee for Investing and Savings Plans advice or an hourly rate if that is your preference.

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