Retirement Planning

As a financial partner in your retirement, Money Options can provide you with guidance & comfort in what can be a confusing and daunting stage of life.

We provide you with a thoughtful, well-structured retirement plan that provides you with the best opportunity to enjoy your post-retirement life and have some fun!

We will present you with different options exploring how we can utilise your existing assets to help ensure we maximise your lifestyle wherever possible.

Some of the considerations that we take into account are:

  • Regular income streams from superannuation
  • Providing forecasts on financial longevity
  • Structuring asset allocations to meet your expectations and required investment longevity
  • Advice and information on annuity type pension income streams
  • Structuring assets to maximise Centrelink eligibility where appropriate
  • Structuring asset ownership in line with estate objectives.


There are many other advice areas that we can provide but have not listed. This outlines the most common areas we cover.

Retirement Planning Pricing

Our Retirement Planning advice package is typically charged as a percentage of the size of your retirement account. This percentage ranges between 0.55% per annum and 0.99% per annum. There are variances within this and sometimes outside these ranges, depending on your circumstances.

We can charge a flat dollar fee for our Retirement Planning advice package or hourly rate if that is deemed appropriate or is the your preference.

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