Superannuation Advice

Superannuation forms the basis of most people’s retirement funding. It is
also our most common service. Superannuation is usually the most effective
way to save for your retirement. We believe it is important to have a simple,
well-administered super fund that provides excellent returns in line with your
expectations. Our goal is to assist you in making an informed superannuation
decision and setting an appropriate course of action.

Superannuation is complex. If properly investigated and understood super can significantly add to or improve to your retirement balance sheet. Small improvements can significantly improve outcomes over the long-term.

We can assist with:

  • Projections of future account balances 
  • Retirement needs and projections 
  • Advice around salary sacrificing into superannuation 
  • Advice on additional contributions to superannuation 
    • Contribution caps 
    • Catch up contributions 
    • Bring-forward contributions 
    • Spouse contributions 
    • Government Co-contributions 
    • Spouse super splitting contributions 
  • Review product features and fees 
  • Death nominations and other estate issues 
  • Withdrawals 
  • Centrelink assessments 
  • Investment allocations 
  • Reports on performance 
  • Product research 
  • Existing and pending legislative rules 
  • Family tax superannuation splitting 
  • Setting up new accounts 
  • Self-managed super funds. 

Superannuation Pricing

Our superannuation advice package is most commonly charged as a percentage of the size of the account. This percentage generally ranges between 0.55% per annum and 0.99% per annum. There are variances within this and sometimes outside these ranges depending on your circumstances. Our objective is always to add value over and above our fees. 

We can charge a flat dollar fee for superannuation advice or hourly rate if that is deemed appropriate or is your preference. 

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